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Advantages of Sytop Stelltie Alloy 12 Saw Tips

Started in 2001, we have almost 20 years Stellite Alloy producing experience for over 500 kinds of products and 10 years exporting experience served satisfied customers in over 50 countries.

Advantages of Stellite Alloy 12 Saw Tips

Design Ability

We can help recommend suitable materials based on the using conditions and making cad drawings as required.

Quality & Price

Excellent and stable quality with unbeaten price

Small Quanitity Acceptable

1pc for trial. never a problems for us


Unique technique to produce stellite alloy by pm process

Fast Delivery

The stellite alloy product can be finished within 7days at the sonnest


The confidential agreements will be strictly executed by us, we respect customers every diligent design.

In order to produce better Stellite Alloy 3 products, we continuously improve skills and enhance high credit in order to be a century-old enterprise. Never giving up, we would like to go forward together with you, creating a bright tomorrow in the field of stellite alloy.

We will take every customer's expectation into consideration, and afford you the best service.

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